Where Are They Now?: Past Presiding Officer

During the term of a presiding officer, they are constantly in the spotlight. They send us their messages, they greet us at events, and they are constantly working in public and behind the scenes. However, what often falls by the wayside is what these upstanding gentlemen do after their term of service is completed. This new series seeks to explore what the past presiding officers have done since their term and answer the question: where are they now?

John C. Harris, III., 33° Past Sovereign Prince
John C. Harris, III, 33°, is a past Sovereign Prince for the Valley of Boston, serving from 2007 until 2009. Bro. Harris’ journey through the masonic community began in his youth when he was an active member of Lynnfield Chapter, Order of DeMolay. He is a Past Master Councilor of the Chapter, is a holder of the Degree of Chevalier and a designee for the Legion of Honor. He dove deeper into freemasonry on February 24, 1983 when he joined Lynnfield Lodge in Wakefield, Massachusetts. On December 9, 1989 he took his next masonic step, and joined the Valley of Boston.
Coming up through the ranks of the Valley, Bro. Harris made the decision to immerse himself in Giles F. Yates, Council of Princes of Jerusalem. He had many friends the body that he saw having a great time, and he wanted to be apart of it. He worked his way up the ranks, and became Sovereign Prince in 2007. During his term in office Bro. Harris is proud of the Valley’s Family Life Committee that Princes of Jerusalem vehemently supported.

Ken Blake, 33° Past Most Wise Master

Bro. Ken Blake, 33° served Mount Olivet Chapter of Rose Croix as Most Wise Master from 2008 to 2011. His journey through Scottish Rite began in 1979, when Bro. Bud Rockwell brought him into the Rite. Bro. Blake joined Scottish Rite with Brothers Robert Hartley, Phil Drouin, and George Hamilton; all of whom have served as Most Wise Master in succession. During his time as Most Wise Master Bro. Blake accomplished much that he is proud of. Between 2008 and 2011, Bro. Blake brought about changes in the communication structure of Rose Croix, the production team was modernized and brought to a new level of productivity, and he made sure to keep the Past Most Wise Masters involved.

Since 2011, Bro. Blake has remained incredibly active in Massachusetts Freemasonry and in his own personal life. Bro. Blake spent three years serving as a Deputy's Representative for the Valley of Boston after his term as Most Wise Master.

Dr. Herbert Mower, 33° Past Thrice Potent Master
Dr. Herbert Mower, 33° MSA, served Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection as the Thrice Potent Master from 2002 to 2005. He began his journey through Scottish Rite in the Valley of Boston in the mid-1990’s, when Bro. C. William Lakso, 33° appointed him to an office in Lodge of Perfection. From there Bro. Mower made his way through the line and served his term as Thrice Portent Master with pride. During his time, he accomplished a great deal such as: building the officers manual, bringing Lodge of Perfection and DeMolay closer together, and performing all eleven degrees at least once during his term.
Since his time as Thrice Potent Master, Bro. Mower has remained busy through several different aspects of his life. Bro. Mower is no stranger in the Masonic community; he actively attends the Valley of Boston and the Valley of Worcester.

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