Meet the Choir Manager

Evangelos Liapis was born and raised in the Southern European country of Greece. He came to the United States in his late teens for college; attending the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Once he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering, Bro. Liapis moved back to Greece to enroll in conscription (mandatory military service). He served his country within the Heavy Artillery Division of the Army.
Bro. Liapis’s masonic career began in Greece where he joined Panellinio Lodge No. 22. He recounts his path to further light as a romanticized journey. Evangelos rose through the chairs of Panellinio Lodge to Junior Warden. During his formative years in Freemasonry he became a member of Royal Arch in Greece.
In 2000, Evangelos made the decision to move his family and himself to the United States. Once settled down on the North Shore, Bro. Liapis started the company he still runs to this day: Better Built Construction. He also serves the town of Everett as an Auxillery Police Officer.
The passion that Evangelos has for Freemasonry was not left behind when he crossed the Atlantic, as he joined Essex Lodge (Salem, MA) in 2009. Bro. Liapis was raised in Essex Lodge on Tuesday, March 3, 2009. He quickly rose through the ranks to become Worshipful Master in 2013. He recently completed his term on September 13, 2014. He has also affiliated with Amity-Mosaic (Danvers) and Starr King (Salem) Lodges. Holten Chapter, Royal Arch, was lucky enough to have Evangelos serve as High Priest in the 2012-13 year.
It was only four days after being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason when Evangelos began his new journey in Scottish Rite. On Saturday, March 7, 2009, he took his degrees for the Valley of Boston. It was there that Evangelos met Ill.∴ Richard Burgess, 33°, a man that he very much considers his mentor through Scottish Rite. Dick was the influence that led Bro. Liapis to become involved with the Consistory Choir. He spent several years in the choir before rising to the position of Choir Manager. For the past two years, Evangelos has worked tirelessly organizing the choir rehearsals and other endeavors. He most recently came back from Massachusetts Consistory’s trip to Chicago for the Woodchopper’s Degree.
A big thank you is due to Evangelos for all of the hard work and dedication he has given the Valley of Boston. Hopefully Massachusetts Consistory will be able to benefit from Bro. Liapis for many years to come.
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