A Message from the Secretary

Season’s Greetings!

Here we are in December, the 2017 year at an end.  Not so in the Valley of Boston where much is happening as we are in the middle of our Scottish Rite year. Our Family Life Committee is in high gear planning future events which will include Old Ironsides, professional sports, and good old fashion fun.  These are just some of the things in the works.
Our Membership Committee is promoting participation in the local Blue Lodges, and I hope you also encourage a Brother Mason to join. We really do belong to a first rate Valley.  Our dues include the cost of meals, parking is covered, and the degrees are presented by our members in a very professional manner. Include our Family Life offerings and you can’t go wrong! Remember, it is likely you joined Scottish Rite because a Brother who enjoyed it spoke to you, one on one, so promote joining and share the good times.
Dues invoices have been mailed and all should have received them. You can remit by check, credit card, or paying online. The Valley of Boston thanks you in advance for your attention to this important need, and if you find yourself in the difficult position of making ends meet because of health or financial problems, please contact me.
Finally on behalf of the Valley office staff; Dave Abbott, Bob Doherty, Will Blake, and myself, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and may health and prosperity be with you and your loved ones in 2018.
In good fellowship,

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