Meet Paul Malagrifa!

Brother Paul Malagrifa, 32°, born in Waltham in 1963, is an active member of the Valley of Boston and the new Venerable Master for the Massachusetts Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew! Bro. Malagrifa has lived an interesting life, starting in his hometown of Wayland, Massachusetts. In his youth, Paul was an active member of the Scouts and attained the rank of a 1st Class Scout. Paul says that he has fond memories of the soapbox derbies, camping trips, and all-around camaraderie that came with his time in the scouts.
When Bro. Malagrifa graduated from Tabor Academy he went on to attend Tufts University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. From Tufts, he went on to work at his father’s electrical contracting and engineering company, where he stayed until 1993 when the business was sold. From his father’s business, Paul went on to work as the Head of IT for a large Harvard University Central Administration group, which is where he found a home in Freemasonry. In March of 2012, Paul Malagrifa became Brother Malagrifa when he was raised in The Harvard Lodge. Bro. Malagrifa went on to serve as Master for the 2015-2016 term and is currently the Treasurer for the lodge. Paul was attracted to Freemasonry because he wanted to be a part of an organization that allowed him to give back to the community, and a had moral framework to use to raise his son.
After joining the Harvard Lodge, Paul went on to join Boston Commandery #2, and the Valley of Boston in 2013, at the Richard J. Stewart 200th Anniversary Spring Class. In Scottish Rite, Brother Malagrifa has found a home in Massachusetts Consistory and more specifically in the Massachusetts Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew. He is currently serving as the newest Venerable Master of the Knights of St. Andrew and says that he keeps coming back for two main reasons. First, he enjoys the service aspect of the KSA, in helping with degree days and making sure candidates get the most they can from the class, and second, he enjoys the social aspect that comes with such a close-knit group.
In his personal life, Brother Malagrifa is married and has one son, who is an active Boy Scout and is on the hunt for a good DeMolay Chapter to join. Paul is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys riding his Kawasaki Drifter. He also enjoys collecting watches, as well as 18th-19th century medallions that commemorate the historical events of Napoleon Bonaparte. In his free time, he also teaches classes as a certified wine and spirits educator and runs a website to go along with his passion for the two.
Brother Paul Malagrifa is an interesting and active member of the Valley. You can find him at most Valley classes making sure everything is running smoothly and helping where he can. If you would like to speak with Bro. Malagrifa, simply ask about his favorite wine or ask about the reliable dog.


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