Scottish Rite in LEGOs

House of the Temple.JPGScottish Rite, and Freemasonry in general, has always had a rich tradition of fantastic feats of architecture in both our buildings and our monuments. However, the fraternity is now on the brink of completing one of the most important architectural accomplishments: being immortalized in a LEGO set! The world famous LEGO company currently has a petition on their website to create a LEGO model set of the House of the Temple in Washington D.C.! 
A scale model of the House of the Temple was created by a LEGO fan and uploaded to the LEGO ideas website. Since then, Bro. Joshua A. Poole, 32°, the curator of the House of the Temple has endorsed the project wholeheartedly and has worked to promote the campaign. Surpassing 100 supporters within the first 60 days, the campaign currently sits at over 600 supporters. The current goal is to reach 1,000 supporters before next year and then finally 10,000 supporters to be put into production. This LEGO model captures the stunning beauty of the House of the Temple and has a removable roof to see a scale model of the Temple Room. To support the campaign to get this LEGO set in production, click the button below. 
The House of the Temple acts as the headquarters for the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite. This set, if put into production, would make a fantastic addition to any LEGO collection!

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