Where are they now? Bob Doherty

Brother Robert F. “Bob” Doherty, 33° MSA, is a Past Thrice Potent Master of Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, a position he held from 2005 until 2008.  Brother Doherty is still an incredibly active figure in the Valley of Boston, having taken over the position of Treasurer from Brother Paul W. Rolston, 33°. Brother Doherty’s journey in the Masonic family began when he was a young man of 15 in his hometown of Somerville, Massachusetts. Growing up Bro. Doherty was a member of Boston Chapter Order of DeMolay, which met in Somerville. Going through the line he attained the rank of Senior Deacon, the highest appointed position in the Chapter. From his time in DeMolay, Bro. Doherty recalls fond memories of spending time with his Brethren on the bowling team and the close friendship he developed with Bill Manchester, the Dad Advisor of Boston Chapter.
When Brother Doherty reached his college years, he made the decision to study at Northeastern University in Boston. When he was done with his initial four-year degree, Bob took a step away from school and enlisted in the U.S. Army in the early 60’s. Serving as a clerk in the Army, Bro. Doherty spent two of his three years in Vietnam, close to the end of the conflict. When his time in the Army concluded, Bob returned to Northeastern and earned his Masters of Business Administration. After earning his degree Bro. Doherty eventually found himself working as an accountant for the Baker Commodities Recycling Company in Billerica, Massachusetts, a position he held for 38 years.
In the midst of all this, Bob Doherty found time to become Brother Doherty. In 1974, he took his degrees and joined Somerville Lodge (now merged with Mr. Horeb Lodge). Bro. Doherty decided to join Freemasonry after hearing about it through Bill Manchester, his old Chapter Advisor in DeMolay. Bro. Manchester sponsored both Bro. Doherty and his father, and the two took their degrees together. In an interesting turn of events, Bro. Doherty was raised by a team consisting entirely of other Baker Commodities employees, including the President of the company!
A few years after joining the Craft, Bro. Doherty decided to join the Valley of Boston in 1984 at the Arthur Melanson Class. He decided to get involved in Lodge of Perfection shortly after joining, during the time when Bro. Philip M. Turner, 33°, was Thrice Potent Master. He got involved in Perfection at the recommendation of his friend, Bro. Shant L. Chebookjian, 33° MSA.  Bro. Doherty advanced through the Perfection line quickly, serving as Senior Warden from 2002 until 2005, and then Thrice Potent Master during the next term. After the conclusion of his term, Bro. Doherty stayed active in Perfection. He still attends events and lends his skills to directing degrees whenever he can, occasionally he still even takes the stage to show the younger members how it’s done! Additionally, Bro. Doherty serves the Valley as a whole in his duties as Treasurer, a role he took up in May of this year. When asked about his short time working in the Valley Office, Bro. Doherty said that he was enjoying his responsibilities. To him, working in the Valley is enjoyable because of the people and the environment.
When asked if he had any advice for the current members of the Valley of Boston, Bro. Doherty had this to say; “get involved up to your comfort level, we understand that there are other priorities so it doesn’t have to be an every night of the month commitment. But there is something for everyone, so keep your eyes open.”
Brother Robert Doherty is still an active attendee of Valley events. If you ever want to speak to our Illustrious Brother, simply start talking about the Patriots and Bro. Doherty will have a response!
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