Welcome Back!

The summer months are coming to a close and winter is coming! With the colder weather in front of us, the Valley of Boston is returning from refreshment to labor. After an exciting summer with a kayaking trip, the Teddy Bear Classic, and a trip to Canobie Lake Park, the Valley has an equally exciting Fall season to look forward to.
Our annual Fall Reunion will be broken up into two Saturday mornings this season. The first will take place on October 28, and will see performances by Lodge of Perfection and Princes of Jerusalem. The second day will take place on November 18, and will have performances by Rose Croix and Consistory. This format is a great opportunity for more of our brethren to take a part in our Fall Reunion! Additionally, we have many fantastic Valley events coming up this fall!
Whether you’re learning ritual for a new part or attending a Valley event with your family, remember the most important thing is to have fun! The Valley of Boston is a unique opportunity for brethren from all across the state and from all walks of life to come together to serve the fraternity in a greater capacity.
From here on in our newsletter schedule will revert back to a weekly publication. This way we can bring you all the news fit to print on the regular Valley schedule. If you have anything that you would like to see covered in the newsletter, let me know!
Have a fantastic Fall, and we’ll see you at the reunion!
William Blake

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