Masonry Abroad

The web that freemasonry weaves is vast and it is sometimes hard to fathom the scope of the brotherhood. During my travels abroad, I was able to experience freemasonry in another country and I had the opportunity to meet some of the men who make up the fraternity in Dublin, Ireland. I had the pleasure of spending several evenings with Victoria IV Lodge, one of the many lodges that meet in the Grand Lodge of Ireland in Dublin. 
Originally chartered in 1779, Victoria IV has a rich history that I had the pleasure of learning about. The warrant for the Lodge was originally issued to the Queen’s Dragoons at the Inn of the Blue Lamps in Dublin. The warrant was originally interrupted and then reissued in 1802, until it was returned again in 1819 when the Dragoons went overseas. At the time, the Lodge was simply known as Lodge IV. That is, until 1836 when the Duchess of Kent was solicited to allow the lodge to be named after her daughter, Princess Victoria. The rich history of Victoria IV extends into today, as it is the only Lodge in Ireland to have its own uniform, and as the Lodge that began the regular tradition of holding a Grand Lodge of instruction
Victoria IV meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, and is regularly attended by 15 or more dedicated brothers; each of whom brings something interesting to the dinner table after the meeting. At each of the meetings I attended, I was not the only guest. The first month, there were two brethren visiting from South Carolina, and the second month Victoria IV hosted a brother from South Africa. All of us were welcomed with open arms and were treated to a spectacular evening, thanks to our host. 
The gentlemen who make up Victoria IV are fine examples of masonry is and what it means to be a brother. They made my time in Dublin memorable, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them at the Grand Lodge of Ireland.
William H.M. Blake


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