Production Produces a GM!
Event date: May 04, 2017 to May 18, 2017
The Valley of Boston is proud that another one its members was elected to serve Massachusetts Freemasonry as their Grand Master. However, none could be prouder than the dedicated men of the Valley’s Production Crew.
Most Worshipful Paul F. Gleason joined the Valley of Boston in 1984 and has been an enthusiastic member of Production for the Valley. In a special presentation, Bro. Ethan Gilson, 32° MSA, Production Manager, presented his crewmate with a special plaque to commemorate his time behind the curtain. MW Gleason was celebrated for his time manning the main curtain. Now he’ll spend his next three years well in front of it!
When asked about the presentation, Ethan Gilson commented on how happy he was to be giving this to his compatriot. While the Grand Master will be taking the next three years off from the Production Crew, we may be able to see his tri-corner hat poking around behind the scenes come 2020!

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