Welcoming Our New Brothers

Congratulations to the men who joined the Valley of Boston last weekend! We are all excited to have you on board and hope you become active and enjoy your membership. There are many great opportunities for you to take advantage of here in the valley.

Antonio P. Arrendel
Sammy L. Belton
Declan Caffrey
Adam J. Camosse (Consistory)
William J. Coutinho
Robert S. Edmunds
Ernesto Fernandez
Nicholas J. Graham (Consistory)
Dennis M. Gray (Consistory)
Matthew F. Hollingsworth
Carlos A. Justus
Marc N. Khederian
Carlo A. MacDonald
George F. Matta
Guy A. Mitrano
Michael D. Moore, II
Jadoun Z. Naber
Michael J. Ogden (Consistory)
Paul E. Orr (Consistory)
Kenneth C. Peavyhouse
Klevis D. Qyrasi (Consistory)
Guimard Sant-Germain
Rabih C. Saroufim
Robert W. Shine
Travis L. Simpkins (Consistory)
Vernon S. Solberg (Consistory)
Maxwell J. Weinfuss
John E. Wilson
Alie K. Yetisen



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