Glenn Ford's Birthday

Patriotism is an important quality in a person. We admire those who decide to answer the call and defend our country. It can be especially noteworthy when one of those servicemen is famous or comes from means. Many herald the likes of Ted Williams for serving in World War II despite his lucrative and famed career as a Boston Red Sox. Another such individual’s birthday is coming up on Monday. We want to be thankful for the service and wish a happy birthday to Glenn Ford!
Born on May 1, 1916, Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford was born to Hannah and Newton Ford, a railway worker. Born in Quebec, Canada, the family moved to California where Glenn would receive his citizenship. Ford graduated from Santa Monica High School and immediately began acting with different groups along the west coast. His big break came as Glenn Ford when he starred in the 1941 drama So Ends Our Night, where he portrayed a teenage German exile on the run from the Nazis. This film was a pivotal moment for Glenn as it was one of the reasons he joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary in the same year.
When the United States officially entered World War II, the US military utilized Ford to sell war bonds for the Army and Navy. It would be during this time that he met his first wife, Eleanor Powell, and fell madly in love. In December of 1942, Glenn enlisted in the United State Marine Corps and began boot camp in San Diego. Due to medical complications, Ford never served active duty, and was discharged in 1944.
Glenn’s previous fears of being forgotten as a film star after the war were quickly dashed as he regained top billing in films such as The Big Heat, and Blackboard Jungle, and 3:10 to Yuma. It was during this time that he inquired about the craft. Brother Ford was raised in Palisades Lodge No. 637 in Santa Monica in 1954. He also affiliated with Riviera Lodge No. 780 in Palisades, California.
Though his life in the military did not end with World War II. He joined the US Naval Reserves in 1958 and became a public affairs officer. He would eventually be deployed to Vietnam in 1967 for a month’s tour as a location scout for military training films. He finally hung up his military career in 1970s at the rank of captain.
Glenn Ford lived out the rest of his days in his Beverly Hills home. Glenn suffered a series of strokes which left him frail and in poor health leading up to his death. He passed on August 30, 2006, at the age of 90. Brother Ford would have been 101 on Monday. Happy birthday brother!

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