The LED Wall is Here to Stay!

Over the past year, the Valley of Boston has rented a massive LED Wall for its Spring and Fall Reunions. After several trial runs, the valley has purchased and installed its very own wall! As of the March 25, 2017 class, the LED Wall, otherwise known as the FLEXLite wall, is here to stay!
The LED wall, produced by PixelFLEX, is comprised of 64 interlocking panels (16 across and 4 high). Each panel is 1000mm by 500mm (think 40in by 20in). This makes the whole wall an impressive 26ft long and 13ft high!
What’s more impressive is the technology behind this obelisk. The face of each panel is packed with pixel nodes that are neatly organized into a grid that seamlessly transitions from one panel to the next. It can be next to impossible for someone to find the divisions between the individual panels. Each panel houses 72 columns and 144 rows of pixels filling its face with 10,368 pixels! Anybody who got their calculator out by this point would have number crunched that the 64 panel wall displays a whopping 663,552 pixels!
Getting up close and personal to the wall when it’s dormant can be intimidating as the soft hum of the electronics churning along echo throughout the back of the stage. Peeking behind the wall reveals an array of cables that plug into each panel to keep them powered.
The artistry of cloth backdrops was always something to be amazed by, but the capabilities of this technological behemoth are something to be inspired by. Seamless transitions between backdrops mean that a cast and travel between several locations within their performances without missing a beat or worrying about backdrops flying in by hand. It even has the ability to display video with a surprisingly high degree of resolution. Production quality increases dramatically outfits and performances big and small.
The Valley of Boston is fortunate to have this technology advantage to add to its performances and ceremonies. We hope that you will come and see its capabilities in full swing at the conclusion of our Spring Class next Saturday, April 29, 2017!

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